Our Vision


To be a leader in provincial infrastructure delivery, coordination and socio-economic investment.


Our Mission


To be a custodian of provincial government immovable assets and a coordinator and provider of sustainable infrastructure resulting in socio-economic transformation and development.


Our Values


We hold the following values: Commitment, Integrity, Accountability, Professionalism, Service excellence, Transparency, Innovation and Fairness.

CommitmentDPW&I employees recognise that they have chosen to become public servants and, as such, are responsible and accountable to the people they serve – the people of the Eastern Cape. This commitment will be demonstrated in upholding and driving the values of the DPW&I in their day-to-day activities – regardless of whether they form part of management, operations, finance or administration.
IntegrityThe department will consistently honour its commitments to its client, stakeholders and the people, uphold ethical conduct and behaviour. As such integrity will form the foundation for good governance within the DPW&I .
AccountabilityEach individual in the DPW&I is directly or indirectly involved in government service delivery insofar as infrastructure management and maintenance is concerned. As such each individual must be accountable for his/her actions. The department will strive to instill a culture of accountability to ensure service delivery excellence.
Professionalism As a department which provides a professional service in relation to infrastructure delivery, road delivery and overall infrastructure management and maintenance, the department commits itself to professional conduct in all areas of management, operations, finance and administration.
Service excellence We strive for excellence in the delivery of our mandate and in the execution of our services and commit ourselves to become the best in what we do and how we do it, with workforce that is motivated and diligent in their dealings with all our stakeholders.
Transparency We display transparency in the way we work, and communicate with honesty and integrity in all our relationships.
Innovation We embrace a challenging style that encourages creativity, free thought and calculated risk-taking in pursuit of ever higher goals.
FairnessWe accept responsibility with consequences and commit to fair application of policies without abuse and manipulation.