Accommodation relief for Butterworth Medical Professionals

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Nurses are overjoyed at the completion of their double story nurse’s home at the Butterworth hospital. The emergency refurbishments could not have come at a better time as there was a dire need for the staff accommodation. There is currently 100% physical progress achieved by the contractor. The facility accommodates 20 Covid-19 isolation beds that have, to date, been occupied by 11medical professionals, with nine (9) still to move in. Acting Facilities Manager at Butterworth hospital, Mkhululi Mazitshana, had a few positive words to say about what the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure has done for the hospital. “I must say I am more than thrilled with the good job that Public Works and Infrastructure has done for the staff of the hospital. We were included in each step of the project and that put us at ease. The staff were sharing rooms before. Now, at least, one has own space and privacy”. The scope of work of the R7 million Rands project included internal and external work: removal of existing roof structure, roof covering, ceilings, fascia boards and gutters. Breaking down of walls and ramps, taking out and removal of sanitary fittings, piping and fitting of geysers externally. Hacking up and removing tiles, plastering and screeds. Taking out and removing joinery fittings, doors, skirting, windows and sundry metalwork. The work also included construction of new ramps and slab thickening to new walls, installation of vinyl, tiling to floors and on walls. Construction of a new roof and gutter system, installation of windows, blinds and burglar bars to windows, soil drainage, sanitary plumbing, water supply, fire protection. Paintwork to walls and concrete ceilings. “The Contractor performed very well on site with every aspect of work under great supervision and as per the Architect’s specifications. The quality of the completed work is exceptional and practical completion of the work has been handed over to the client. The project was within budget and completion date not far from the initial one” said Project Leader, Masande Magoloza. Article: By Nangamso Seti Picture: Supplied