APTCoD Students Restore Mount Ayliff Hospital School

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Public Works in Alfred Nzo Region carried out maintenance work to restore Mount Ayliff Hospital School which has already purchased material for the renovations

The APTCoD students provided assistance in removing and installing the new ceiling boards, paving the assemble area all the way to the entrance of the school to assist in ensuring that the area is clear of mud during rainy days.

Ndedwa Gxarisa, Principal of the School said ‘’We really appreciate what the Department of Public Works did to the school. This school was not built by the Department of Education however we submitted the request and we are waiting for the response. We know that our structure is not at a good condition as it was built by the parents, due to the increase of learner’s enrolment but we want to keep it clean that is why we asked for assistance from Public Works. Thank you very much for your support’’.

Written by: Thandeka Faku
Pictures by: Thandeka Faku