NAPROV (National and Provinces) forum sits for third quarter performances

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The 2 (two) day NAVPROV forum attended by National Department of Public Works and nine provincial Public Works departments shared best practices and ways of improving service delivery and performance within the sector.

The forum is beneficial in getting consensus on quarterly reports that are elevated to sector structures like Ministers and Members of the Executive Committee (MINMEC). National Public Works used this platform to propose a new indicator for Extended Public Works Program (EPWP) that would be included in all EPWP Annual Performance Plans across all provinces.

Commenting about the forum, EPWP Manager, Luzuko Gaxamba said “These forums are beneficial to EPWP because National and Provincial Public Works have one understanding and one interpretation on sector indicators, so Annual Performance Plans (APPs) are interpreted correspondingly.”

Thomas John, Senior Manager: Buildings Maintenance – Infrastructure expressed satisfaction on how the forum has potential to improve the department, as sharing of information allows provinces to minimise risks and bridge gaps especially when it comes to contractors and factors that prevent projects from succeeding.

The forum sits quarterly on a rotational basis between the national departments and all provincial departments. “NAPROV’s purpose of sharing best practices was achieved in the Eastern Cape as attendance and sharing best practises was overwhelmingly successful in setting up high standard for other provinces”, said Pumeza Mingaye, Senior Manager: Monitoring &Evaluation.

By Naziphi Mpokela and Yolani Jack