The Department Renovates Offices in Bhisho for the Department of Social Development

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The Building Maintenance Unit is hard at work renovating office accommodation at the Chungwa building in Bhisho for the Department of Social Development (DSD).

This is after the offices at Beacon Hill in King Williams Town were deemed inhabitable due to a triggered fire suppression system from a damaged uninterrupted power supply (UPS) battery that was caused by load-shedding. The damage caused a leakage of sulphuric acid from batteries that resulted into toxic fumes in the building.  

The work done at Chungwa building in the first and second floor includes: removal and replacement of existing doors and windows of the front shops of the building. The removal of foyer tiles and replacing with new floor covering, construction of ramp with rails for wheel chairs. Painting of walls, installation of ceiling boards, lights and partition walls, installation of power points, air conditioning units, fire detection and access control system. Existing walls were demolished and fitting of all lights with sensors, use of glazing so as to use natural light and installation of louver system and controlling natural light. External works include minor repairs to roof: removing and replacing broken roof tiles, replacement of damaged insulation, fascia boards, gutters and downpipes.

The project was handed over to the Department of Social Development on the Mid March 2019 and will be running for a period of seven (7) months to finalise the last touch ups. The estimated contractual completion date is at the end of October 2019. Ntethelelo Moya, Site Manager said “We are happy about the project and we anticipate successful results with this project” said Moya.

Khanyisani Kanana, Deputy Director Technical Building Maintenance Unit, said “The DSD project is progressing very well, no challenges recorded as yet. The contractor is moving swiftly and producing good quality work” said Kanana. He further mentioned that with all the successful projects they have handled, this one is no exception.

Written by: Yanga Yiba
Pictures by: Yanga Yiba